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Beautiful Gate Special School

After many years of operating BGSS in rented buildings, we have finally built a facility of our own – one that not only accommodates a greater number of students but also accommodates their unique accessibility needs.

In addition to providing our students with a basic education, we are developing the vocational component to our curriculum to provide them with an opportunity to be active contributors to society and their families. By creating a job skills program, our hope is that BGSS can be instrumental in changing the way the community views people with disabilities and their potential as human beings.

We also want to start a teacher training programme to prepare teachers to work in other  special school or satellite BGSS facilities around the city of Mysore and beyond. Teachers would receive their diploma or certificate while doing their practicum in the Beautiful Gate Special School.


The Beautiful Gate Special School  |  Mysore, India                                                                                    


Beautiful Gate Special School
No. 14/1B, Yedhalli Village
Rayanakere Post, Jayapura Hobli
Mysore, KA  570008 INDIA
Ph: 974.279.5163