About Beautiful Gate
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BGSS was founded in 2005 by Il Young Kim, a special educator, and Sunita Locklear, the mother of a child with a rare syndrome that resulted in developmental delays. They shared  their mutual vision to establish a school for children with multiple disabilities joined together to help disabled children find a path to health, education, and productive lives, in January of 2007. By June of 2007, they were bursting at the seams with eight students studying in just one small living room and a small dining room. By December of 2007, BGSS obtained a larger, three-classroom school building in a small home.  Within six months, they were already at capacity and needed to turn away many children and their families.

Today, the demand for special education placements is far greater than the school can contain.  Accordingly, BGSS has built a facility of our own that is not only be able to accommodate a greater number of students, but is also designed to accommodate their accessibility needs as well. We have developed a vocational component in our curriculum to address the needs of our older students. Our longterm goal is to train teachers to prepare them to work in satellite facilities around the city of Mysore.


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Beautiful Gate Special School
No. 14/1B, Yedhalli Village
Rayanakere Post, Jayapura Hobli
Mysore, KA  570008 INDIA
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